What clients say....


"Karen has worked with me with empathy, and in partnership to help me develop insight into my issues, both in professional and personal areas of my life.  We have discussed workable strategies which, when I put into practice, are successful. She has taught me how to recognise unhelpful patterns of behaviour which has enabled me to adjust my responses/behaviour and deal with difficult situations more effectively (and not respond like a child throwing a tantrum too often!)"

"Thank you Karen. I really appreciate the time you gave and and the advice and realistic view point. You were brilliant to work with. 

I will also relay this to Fairway that I recommend you. Really appreciate your help. "

"Going through my separation, I was all over the place and unable to focus on what needed to be done.  I was suffering and my kids were suffering.  I now have a plan, and some space in my head to focus on looking after myself and my children."

"I requested Karen as our Family Dispute Resolution Mediator on the advice of a friend who had previously been appointed her as their mediator.  I found her empathic, yet pragmatic and able to "manage the room"  beautifully even when tempers flared!  She kept us on track and focused on our children, so we managed to arrived at a clear detailed parenting agreement that worked for everyone."

"I had no idea where to start.  I assumed I should go to a lawyer and they would tell me what to do.  A friend put me in touch with Karen - thank God.  Not only do I completely understand the process now which has given me confidence and clarity, I have worked to develop helpful strategies on how to deal with my difficult ex.  Plus it's saved me thousands!"

"Being a dad to two teenage children and dealing with a difficult ex-wife has been a massive challenge. Having a coach to discuss new situations and issues as they arise has allowed me to gain more control of my life.
Karen's approach on how I can deal with this difficult time, has helped me to remain calm, and I feel more trust in myself that I am making good decisions for my daughters and myself."

"Karen is the most intelligent, empathic, intuitive, approachable counsellor I have been to (and I have been to quite a few!), plus she has a wonderful sense of humour."